Stop Comparing, Start Creating

It is so easy to consume media these days. Everything is hyper-segmented, hyper-targeted, and it’s all too easy to literally get lost in your own online world. That is the advertising industry’s job afterall – to get your attention, click and go down their funnels. It’s no surprise that we live in a generation where our attention span is eight seconds

Are you still with me here? 

I think it’s dangerous yet I’ve been guilty of it too. Comparing myself to others. 

One could argue that a degree of comparison is healthy. It could keep you motivated to continuously level-up your own game and to master your own craft. Leveraging these platforms and your peers to keep you accountable for your own progress could be beneficial. 

For example, when I was training for the Tokyo marathon, I announced it on social media. In my mind, I knew now that I had to do it because.. I just told everyone I would! If I didn’t train and finish the marathon, I’d look like a fool. Public humiliation and shaming can be used for good things too! 

However, more often than not social media and comparison on these platforms leads to FOMO, internet addiction, and potentially depression. A Harvard Business Review study showed that using Facebook led to diminished well-being. This is just one study done for one platform but regardless of any stats, we can all do a gut-check for ourselves. After consuming media (social or otherwise) ask yourself:  

Do I feel uplifted?
Do I feel inspired?
Do I feel more knowledgeable?

Do I feel less worthy?
Do I feel like everyone else is excelling at life except me?
Do I feel like I’m falling behind and not keeping up with the rest of the world? 

I’ve definitely had my fair share of feeling both. 

If you’re feeling the latter, perhaps it’s time for a digital detox.

In my opinion, however, the best way forward is to stop comparing and start creating instead. 

The world is saturated with so much content. It may seem overwhelming at first and maybe you might even feel defeated with thoughts like:

I don’t know what to say
Everyone’s already said all that there is needed to say
Why would anyone read what I want to say? 

But that’s precisely why you should start creating. 

Your story, thoughts, and ideas are unique only to you. No one can have the exact same thoughts as you. It’s easy to read an article and think “oh, she already said it. She already did it.” 

The truth is, no one on this planet is neurologically processing that article, product or idea the same exact way that you are. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Guaranteed.

Your presence on this earth in this moment now is shaped by all the experiences only you have had up until now. If we are to move our world forward in a positive direction, we need your thoughts, ideas, and creations. 

Your voice matters. 

Your value to this world is your voice. 

Your value is you. 

So next time you start scrolling on your social media and comparisonitis starts creeping in, stop. 

Stop comparing and instead start creating. It can be anything: a blog article, art, code, an app or maybe something intangible like creating new connections and relationships. Or maybe it’s just creating more space in your mind through meditation or going for a walk. It could be creating a song, a cake, a funny memory. Create a quirky dance! It doesn’t necessarily matter what it is, it matters that your energy is activated and you’re putting it out there which stimulates your creativity.  

What are you going to create today? Let us know in the comments below. 

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