Can’t dream without doing

“Manifestation” is a word that’s increasingly seeping into US pop culture. I feel like more and more people are using this vernacular in their day-to-day lives. A Google trends report shows an ever so slightly but surely rise of this word as well over the past five years. So it’s not just a feeling, it’s a fact. 

I’m not opposed to this word by any means. I sprinkle it here and there in my conversations too depending on the crowd. There also seems to be an ever rising tide of personal coaches and mindset coaches bubbling up in the market. I even have a coach/mentor. Overall, I think this is fantastic. Anything that advances the human collective, spirit, and makes us each strive toward our individual potentials is amazing. 

However, people need to be aware about subscribing to these notions. It’s not all about meditation and mantras. Yes, I wholeheartedly believe mindset is a large part of the battle. Which is an ongoing battle, mind you. But once that battle is won, the other important part is following through with action. 

There is so much noise out there nowadays. From the rise of the startup grind culture consisting of entrepreneurs and investors who gawk at the words “lifestyle business” to 20-year old multimillionaires you see traveling the world living the laptop lifestyle who denounce the hustle hard dogma. I’m not here to judge nor say which one is better than the other. Although I’m not a multi-millionaire (yet!), I have lived a laptop lifestyle working remotely so I can adventure and explore our world. I’ve also worked with startups replying to texts and emails at 1AM at night. 

I’ve appreciated both. Those specific lifestyles suited me at that specific time. Which is to say, simply put, life is fluid. I’m just another human, an Every Irene, here to hopefully share my voice in hopes that it may shine light on your own. 

As I reflect on all these “manifestation” trends rising up, I want to caution you that yes, I believe you CAN manifest the life of your dreams but it requires action, action, action. You can’t just meditate by yourself for 10-days straight (which I’ve done before) and expect all your problems to magically disappear and your dream job waiting for you. You have to go out and create that magic yourself. Setting goals, having an action plan to achieve those goals, and surrounding yourself with other motivated people are all ways to help you increase your chances of living your dreams. 

Maybe this all seems very beginner to some but no matter where you are in life, it’s important to consistently be reminded of this and to expose yourself to new people and ideas so you can grow. We as people are innately wired to grow. Manifestation is one part of that but don’t just stop at the soundbyte. Put in the work. Start doing. Even if it’s one tiny step. Build momentum. Sooner or later you’ll realize that instead of concentrating on the manifesting, you’ll be living the manifestation

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