At EVERY IRENE, we talk about Progress over Perfection. A lot. It’s one of our PACIFIC values, and we believe in it. FULLY.  We often get this question – “What’s the best way to make progress?” – Well, we’ve got you covered. The answer is: CONSISTENCY

In order to make PROGRESS, finding CONSISTENCY is key. Yes, doing something is definitely better than nothing – but let’s be real – BURNOUT can happen. We’ve all experienced it, right? Well, I have. I wanted to start a blog site, so I wrote 10 articles in the first 1 week. Then the following week, I wrote 2. And then the following week, I wrote 0. Next thing I knew, 3 months later I had forgotten all about it. I felt great the first week, but looking back, I probably would still be writing till this day if I had focused on writing 1 article  a week. I learned my lesson! 

Usually, your journey begins with a GREAT idea and a list of to-do’s. First day goes great, then the second day, and the following week, and the next month – you start to lose momentum. Then you stop! Sound familiar? You did make progress, but you *could have* gone further if you did it a bit differently. 

Here are 5 key steps to achieving CONSISTENCY so that you continue to make progress towards your dreams and goals. YOU GOT THIS. 

  1. Start with a REALISTIC timeline. 

I have a tendency to “jump the gun” because I just can’t wait to see the final result. Be patient. Every good thing takes time. Set yourself a realistic expectation and a timeline from the get go so that you are not disappointed when you don’t get to the final destination in time. Often times, we fail to achieve consistency because of the pressure we put on ourselves. STOP IT. It’s okay if something takes time – as long as you keep making progress.


We stop doing things because it gets overwhelming. We are all high achievers, right? We often want to achieve things FAST, so we do TOO MUCH in the beginning. Kinda like sprinting the first 400m when you are running a marathon. Avoid this mistake – otherwise by the time you are at 800m, you are already dreading the rest of the 41km journey (yes, the marathon reference continues). It’s okay to start out slow. In fact, it’s recommended so that you can actually keep up for the entire journey. 

  1. Do it OFTEN.

Often can be everyday, every other day, every week – whatever it is – but don’t leave too much time in between. Make sure your thoughts continue to flow between these sessions. Doing smaller things more frequently will yield results, while doing big things with less frequency will result in burnout because it’s hard to keep your focus and momentum in the long run.

  1. Find an ACCOUNTABILITY partner. 

Tell a trusted friend, (or an EVERY IRENER 🙂 ) that you are committed to doing x for x weeks/months. And ask your accountability partner to tell you what they want to achieve in the same time period. Make sure both of you follow our “5 Rules to Achieve Consistency” here and check to make sure you are only committing to what you can do in that time period. 

  1. Be okay with a few hiccups along the way. 

Remember Progress over Perfection? We are living beings. We might get sick; we might be traveling, we might be… just having an off day. Whatever it is, maybe there were a few days where you couldn’t do anything. IT’S OKAY. You can always jump right back into it. Forgive yourself and tell yourself this: “I needed this break. Thank ME. Now I am ready to dive right back into it!” Being consistent, believe it or not, requires admitting you are human. After all, we feel all the feelings and that’s what separates us from robots. We can’t always achieve the same consistency as robots, but we do feel all the feels – and that’s a wonderful thing.

Let us know in comments if you found this helpful!

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