How to Start Making Decisions Better // 決断力を高める方法とは?


Everyday, we have to make decisions. Whether it’s about careers or relationships and everything in between, a fork appears ahead and you must make a decision. And it’s not easy.

Let me tell you – I was especially bad at making decisions. Whether it was switching jobs, moving to a different city, or texting someone I just met, they all made my stomach cringe.  I often left things unanswered, putting them aside. It didn’t mean that those decisions disappeared on their own – often, the pressure to make the decision haunted me and was always lingering on my mind, late at night, unable to fall asleep. It sucked.

Then one day, after I agonized over several days whether I should take on a new job offer (I ultimately didn’t), I realized that NOT making the decision was the source of my constant anxiety and unhappiness. I came across this quote by Michelle Obama and understood what I was getting wrong about my decision making process. She said, “Don’t ever make decisions based on fear. Make decisions based on hope and possibility. Make decisions based on what should happen, not what shouldn’t.” 

I realized this is it – simple. Often, we don’t make decisions because we are afraid of the downside risk as opposed to the potential upside. We are afraid of unforeseen consequences and change.  It’s the fear that precludes us from making the leap. Of course, uncertainty is scary, but uncertainty can also bring amazing outcomes that you might not have even imagined. 

Let’s embrace this, shall we? Embrace consequences and change in the positive light – convince yourself that this decision you are making is possibly the vehicle of tremendous growth. 

From there on out, I decided to make decisions based on imagining the best possible outcome from the decision. 

Let’s start thinking of making decisions as an opportunity to commit yourself to something exciting, a window of tremendous opportunity and growth

So, forget fear – the world is full of them, so don’t create more fear than you need. By trusting your inner hope and possibility, we dive into uncertainty – with our heads held high. 

Let’s be confident about the path we ultimately take. By making firm decisions, we embark on a journey to become one step closer to your dream self. 

So I’m going to tell my younger self – yes, you should take that job because you might learn something new from it. Yes, you should move to Hong Kong because you’ve never been there. Yes, you should text the guy because… well, his best friend might end up being your future husband (perhaps, a true story). 


私は特に決断するのが苦手でした。転職するにしても、別の街に引っ越すにしても、会ったばかりの人にメールするにしても、どれも胃が痛くなるようなものでした。 決断したことをそのままにしておくこともよくありました。決断したことがそのまま消えてしまうわけではなく、決断しなければならないというプレッシャーに悩まされ、深夜になっても眠れずにいつも頭の中に残っていることが多かったのです。


これこそがシンプルなソリューション。多くの場合、私たちが決断を下さないのは、潜在的なアップサイドではなく、ダウンサイドのリスクを恐れているからです。予期せぬ結果や変化を恐れているのです。 恐怖心があるからこそ、踏み出すことができないのです。もちろん、不確実性は怖いものですが、不確実性は想像もしなかったような素晴らしい結果をもたらすこともあります。







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