Turning that Quarter Life Crisis Into Endless Opportunities //クオーターライフ・クライシスを無限のチャンスに変える方法

(Japanese follows English)

Quarter life crisis is a term often used in the USA to refer to the uncertainty those who are around the age 25 feel – related to their careers, relationships, or anything in life. In psychologists’ terms, it’s defined as a state of one person involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one’s life. 

Despite its name, the quarter life crisis doesn’t just happen at age 25 – it can happen at 18, 22, 29, 35 – whenever. It’s named as such because many realizations occur after you’ve been in the workforce for the last few years, and 25 is usually the age when most have a few years of work experience under their belt. 

We at AMP believe that this is completely normal. In fact, both founders went through this – and we believe that our lives are now richer for it. So, instead of shying away from the fact that you have these uncertainties, why not make these uncertainties fuel the energy you need to activate and listen to your desires and wishes? The great thing about life is that it’s NEVER too late to be bold in what you want in life. Afterall, you still have three-quarters of life ahead of you 🙂 

If you’re facing a quarter life crisis, we suggest taking a few simple steps to fully take advantage of  the opportunity that’s ahead of you (notice we used the word “opportunity” here – instead of thinking of this as a hurdle or a barrier, think of it as an opportunity for growth):

  1. Write down EVERYTHING that’s on your mind. No one will see this but you. Grab a nice cup of coffee or tea, whatever is comforting to you, find a nice space in your favorite spot in town, and give yourself the luxury to think deeply about yourself. Be bold, don’t hold anything back. 
  2. Accept that it’s okay NOT to be able to narrow down what you want in life. You have many PURSUITS in life, and that’s called being an ambitious human.  
  3. Seek a community like AMP, so you can discuss your passions. The community will help you understand that you are not alone and that there are many others going through similar experiences!  Understanding others’ experiences and paths will not only encourage you to take the leap of faith but also widen your perspectives on the endless possibilities of your next steps. 
  4. Initiate PROGRESS by acting on one of the PURSUITS you have – that first step is critical. If you are interested in switching careers, go grab coffee with someone in that profession. Send that first email. If you are interested in dating, ask your friends how they met their significant other (their answer might surprise you 🙂 ) and try it out. If you want something, you must take that first step yourself. 
  5. Feel good about where you are and the actions you’ve taken to listen to yourself! In order to make progress, you must make room for yourself. Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back and repeat the above steps – until you’ve decided on the path forward. 

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  1. あなたの頭の中にあるものをすべて書き出してください。これは、あなた以外の誰も見ることはありません。美味しいコーヒーや紅茶など、自分にとって心地良いものを手に取り、街のお気に入りの場所で素敵な空間を見つけ、自分自身について深く考える贅沢をしてみましょう。思い切って、何もためらわずに。
  2. 自分が人生で何をしたいのか、絞り込めなくても構わないことを受け入れましょう。たくさんの目的があるということは野心的な人間であることの証です。 
  3. AMPのようなコミュニティに参加し、自分の情熱を語り合おう。コミュニティに参加することで、自分だけではなく、同じような経験をしている人がたくさんいることを理解することができます。 他の人の経験や道のりを理解することは、あなたの飛躍を促すだけでなく、次のステップの無限の可能性に対する視野を広げることになります。
  4. あなたが持っている目的の1つを行動に移すことで、前進を開始しましょう。その最初の一歩が重要です。キャリアを変えることに興味があるなら、その職業に就いている人とコーヒーを飲みに行きましょう。最初のメールを送ってみよう。デートに興味があるなら、友達にどうやって大切な人と出会ったか聞いてみて(その答えは意外なものかもしれません)。欲しいものがあるなら、自分で最初の一歩を踏み出さなければなりません。
  5. 自分がとった行動に満足して、自分の声に耳を傾けてみてください。進歩するためには、自分に余裕を持たせなければなりません。深呼吸をして、自分を褒めて、道が決まるまで上記のステップを繰り返してみましょう。

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