Don’t Minimize Yourself

Recently I was chatting with a female executive, who is also my mentor. I described to her what I’ve been doing for work, which I explained as “helping my clients run their businesses better.”  She nodded. Then, a smirk.  “Do you know what the guys say when they answer this question? They say ‘I run my client’s businesses, not ‘help clients’. They own what they do. You just minimized yourself.’”   This was an eye-opening moment.  It reminded me of the time in high school when Mike who sat next to me boasted his 93% score on his test to the entire class while I stood there silently with a 97%. […]

Turning that Quarter Life Crisis Into Endless Opportunities //クオーターライフ・クライシスを無限のチャンスに変える方法

(Japanese follows English) Quarter life crisis is a term often used in the USA to refer to the uncertainty those who are around the age 25 feel – related to their careers, relationships, or anything in life. In psychologists’ terms, it’s defined as a state of one person involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one’s life.  Despite its name, the quarter life crisis doesn’t just happen at age 25 – it can happen at 18, 22, 29, 35 – whenever. It’s named as such because many realizations occur after you’ve been in the workforce for the last few years, and 25 is usually the age when most have […]

5 Benefits of Saying No

It’s time that we learn the power of saying “No.” When done in a polite manner, it’s one of the most effective ways to show respect for yourself and the other party. It took me a long time to realize this because I always like to please others and accommodate everyone’s requests; but I learned over the years that saying No is a powerful tool to empower yourself in both professional and private settings.  Women especially are prone to saying Yes when they actually want to say No. We tend to be less direct with words and put others’ needs ahead of our own.  Of course, saying Yes can lead […]

How to Start Making Decisions Better // 決断力を高める方法とは?

(www.DeepL.com/Translatorで翻訳した日本語版は英語の後になります) Everyday, we have to make decisions. Whether it’s about careers or relationships and everything in between, a fork appears ahead and you must make a decision. And it’s not easy. Let me tell you – I was especially bad at making decisions. Whether it was switching jobs, moving to a different city, or texting someone I just met, they all made my stomach cringe.  I often left things unanswered, putting them aside. It didn’t mean that those decisions disappeared on their own – often, the pressure to make the decision haunted me and was always lingering on my mind, late at night, unable to fall asleep. It sucked. Then […]


大学で何を専攻すればいいか。 この質問を学生からよく聞かれる。本当は「哲学」を専攻したいが「経済学」の方が就職に繋がりやすいと思うので、悩んでいる、という様な質問だ。 答えはシンプル。 自分が一番熱中できる専攻を選ぶべき。それが哲学、映画学、誰も聞いたこともない〇〇学だっとしても、自分が一番熱中できる分野を選ぼう。 一般的に経済学や理系が就職に向いているとされる理由は、ビジネスの環境では「数字」を使った作業が多いという印象が強いからだろう。最近は特にスキルを学生時から身につけることが求められ、「即戦力」というキーワードが出回っている。 そこが間違っている。「ビジネス」は人と人とのコミュニケーションからできており、人との信頼関係がビジネスの成功につながる。数字に強いという理由ひとつだけではない。信頼関係はまず対話から生まれるもの。よって、その対話ができて信頼される「人間」にまずならないといけない。専攻した分野に関係なく、深みのある人間になることが不可欠である。 忘れていけないのは、「意外な専攻」の学生のほうが目立ちやすいという点。経済学部や理系の学生は至って同じキャラが多く、履歴書を読んでもあまり差別化できない。優れた面接官ほどユニークな学生にチャンスを与えようとする。チャンスを与えられたその後からは勝負。なぜ自分がこの専攻を選んだかを聞かれたら、熱く語ろうではないか。面接官の目に留まるためが理由で「とりあえず」で専攻を選んだ学生はここで落ちるだろう。夢中になった専攻分野だとかなり情熱を持って語れるのではないか。適当に選んだ専攻だとそうはできない。それは絶対に見破られるだろう。 なので、一般的に受けが良いなど考えず、自分が一番パッションを持って語れる分野を選ぼう。誰に何を言われようがその分野を貫くことで、より魅力的な人間になることを目指そう。そうすることで人間として成長する機会を自分で開拓し、ビジネスのシーンでも絶対的に力がついてくる。 ただ、熱中になれないのであれば、より実用的な分野を専攻した方が良いだろう。中途半端な気持ちで選んでしまったら自分も熱中になれない。その選択に自信を持てず、不安のまま就職活動に挑んでしまい、結局、失敗してしまう。それだったらとりあえず経済学を専攻して他の趣味に没頭した方がよい。パッションがないと何も続かないし後悔の渦に巻き込まれるだけである。 「自分は本当に〇〇が勉強したくて選んだんだ!」という自信をストレートに前にだせるくらいの知識を蓄えたのであれば、それをどんどん自分の武器にしていこう。なぜこの専攻を選んだかということをしっかり説明できる学生は面接官にとって魅力的だ。いや、面接官だけではなく、上司や同期、クライアント先にとってもそうだ。自分のパッションを貫いたという自信が就職活動だけでなくその後の人生にも豊かさをもたらすだろう。自分の選んだ道に自信を持って挑んで欲しい。





Let’s Talk About Money

Money is such a taboo topic. You don’t typically walk up to a stranger and ask, “hi- how much do you make?” Nor have I ever had someone ask me that either. But with such stark gender wage gaps across the globe, for example women earning 79 cents to every dollar a man earns in the US, shouldn’t we be discussing money more often?  The general reason we don’t talk about money is because… It’s awkward. It’s uncomfortable.It’s rude.  Aren’t all those concepts social constructs anyway? Money in its most literal definition is just a piece of paper or numbers on a ledger. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying money […]

Can’t dream without doing

“Manifestation” is a word that’s increasingly seeping into US pop culture. I feel like more and more people are using this vernacular in their day-to-day lives. A Google trends report shows an ever so slightly but surely rise of this word as well over the past five years. So it’s not just a feeling, it’s a fact.  I’m not opposed to this word by any means. I sprinkle it here and there in my conversations too depending on the crowd. There also seems to be an ever rising tide of personal coaches and mindset coaches bubbling up in the market. I even have a coach/mentor. Overall, I think this is […]

Stop beating yourself up

Negative self-talk. Ohhh negative self-talk. It’s the inner dialogue we have criticizing ourselves that may prevent us from reaching our own capabilities. Essentially, we’re our own worst enemies with negative self-talk holding us back. “Ugh WHY did I say that?” “I sounded so stupid!” “Why can’t I get it right” “Is that project good enough?” “I’m not ACTUALLY smart”. Sound familiar?  We all have it. Various research shows that negative self-talk is more prevalent amongst women than men. Instead of completely denying it, perhaps we can learn to manage it. Also, perhaps if we all open up about what’s under the hoods of our minds, we can realize that we’re […]